5 Things to Know Before Adopting a Turtle

Turtle adopt

A turtle is the cute pet for the pet parents. Many people wants to adopt a turtle. Because they really love the cuteness of this aquatic species. But they have to aware a few things before adopting a turtle.

Turtle is a very humble in manner. They always like clean water as well as environment. It’s kind of a necessary thing that they want a healthy environment for a long life span.

Knowbody wants to see a unhealthy, unhappy turtle. But when it come to cleaning aquarium people don’t want to clean aquarium on a regular basis.

1. Turtle Need Big Spaces

In terms of size, A turtle is tiny in the list of other pets. But they need big spaces. A pair of Red Eared Slider Turtle need a large size bucket or a 2 feet aquarium.

2. Not All Turtle want Swim

People have a basic knowledge that turtle can swim because they are an aquatic species. But unfortunately this information is not a complete information. All type of turtle can’t swim. There are some of type of turtle they can not swim, They enjoy dry land.

3. Turtle have Long Life Span

Almost in the turtle family they are life a long life span. They enjoy both a water and land life. Because they life long, they need food and a good amount space for living. Also, they need other resources.

A. You have to reserve a big space for the Aquarium.

B. According to the size of a turtle need You have to keep considering to continiously providing food.

C. They need sun light or UV Light to get enough heat to digest food and stay healthy. They can’t leave without getting proper UV rays.

4. Turtles need Dry Land

Turtle can breath and intake oxygen for air. They have to come out on surface of the Tank water. As we know that a turtle is a good swimmer, but also they need dry land to take rest. Sometimes to maintain their body heat they come out from the water.

That’s a major requirements people really take it seriously before adopting a turtle.

5. Turtles carry Salmonella

People love to touch baby turtles. They want to hold turtles for feel them. But many people are really don’t aware about Salmonella that turtles carry.

Salmonella is a common bacteria in animals and turtles. Human can easily infected through water or food. So every time when you touch a turtle you have to wash your hand with soap.

A turtle is a very cute pet. It is easy to have a pet like turtle. Nowadays everything you need to keep a turtle healthy, available on online.

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