Why My Red Eared Slider Is Not Eating?

Red Eared Slider Turtle - Species of tortoise

A turtle is a very cute pet. All of us really like to adopt a red eared slider. It is quite natural, because turtles are awesome.

A pet turtle is called Red Eared Slider. There is a basic reason behind it. Some of the turtle has red eared and some of has yellow eared in color. Red eared turtle is called Red Eared Slider and yellow eared turtle is called Yellow eared Slider.

So, what is the reason my red eared slider is not eating? There are several reasons behind this. We have to focus on the several prominent points.

1. The Temperature

Maintaining temperature in the tank is quite challenging. In winter, Weather come down under 10 degree celsius in some part of the country. A few of them temperature goes to below minus degree.

In this situation, Some of the turtle can survive. But most of the turtle family would not able to live long. They stop eating for a few days and then they die. The main reason is temperature. There are several products( glass heater ) are available to maintain the aquarium temperature in any season.

2. Diet

Red eared slider can live a long life with a good diet plan. It’s applied for all kind of species in the world. Many people asked me a simple and common question that why their red eared slider is not eating in winter. They need to focus on the diet plan.

Diet plan is a master stroke on the most of the disease. A baby red eared slider eat non-veg contains food. As a turtle grown they like to eat more veg food. You need to understand their behavior.

3. Over Eating

Sometimes, over eating become a serious issue. You have to learn and remember that a red eared slider is not eating because of over eating. Maybe there is have some other issue. But over eating is a problem people don’t even recognize them.

Just like a human body, over eating create digesting problem. Most of the time it is become normal after some time.

Always feed a baby turtle one or two time a day, and an adult turtle once every day or two day. It is normal and healthier for them.

4. Clean Water

Cleaning water is a big role. Like other aquarium fishes and species it’s a basic need having a clean water.

New pet parents may don’t know that clean and clear water is one of the requirements for survive. To having a long life with healthy body is necessity for everyone. Turtle also entitled to having a good life. As a pet parent it is necessity to feed them, give them a cozy and comfortable life.

5. Other health Issues

A few time, we can’t find the problem. At this time check above points and measure all the possibilities. If it works then ok or shift your turtle in a dry place in the sunlight. Do this every day for 1 to 3 hours.


I hope your turtle may started eating normally. Sometimes situation will become so bad unknowingly. Always consult an expert in this field who can help you out. If you turtle not eating more than 7 days, you have to consult a pet doctor. He will handle the situation.

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