How to Clean a Turtle Tank

Turtle adopt

Turtle is a species lives in both water and land for a long time. they can easily habitat in the new tank or a pot. This is a beneficial for the pet parents.

Pet parents always looking for a good solution for cleaning a Turtle tank especially, when they are newly become new pet parents . New parents may not have enough knowledge about a Turtle. So they are looking for a solution.

Turtle have a several behavior and indication. Parents have to catch them quickly and take a step.

Steps to follow for cleaning an Aquarium

There is several ways to clean a turtle tank. I considered to explain the simple way how to do that. Before start cleaning get some food to your turtle.

Step 1: Pick us your turtle gently and put it in a bowl or bucket for sometime.

Step 2: Remove all the stones, and all the accessories and drain water completely. It is necessary to empty the tank.

Step 3: Now add a few amount of water, a little bit of chlorine bleach, white vinegar in the tank water. Take a scrubber and gently scrub on every wall of the Aquarium until it looks clean.

Step 4: now again drain out all the water. and add 1/4 of water, them empty it fully. do this 2 or more times.

Step 5: Clean the other decorations and devices in the pour water.

Step 6: Set all this devices and decorations in the tank and fill it with clean water.

Step 7: Now you are ready to take your turtle and put it in the Turtle aquarium you just clean.

This is the whole process and all the step you have to follow to clean a turtle tank and take care of a turtle. As a pet Turtle can live 3 and more days with out having food. So, don’t worry too much.

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