How to care baby red eared slider turtle

red eared slider turtle

How to care

You need a minimum 24/24 inches aquarium before purchase a pair of red eared slider turtle, after purchase a red eared slider please clean properly then keep them in dry aquarium a week, aquarium’s temperature 24-28 C. They need sunlight every day, you can use UVA UVB light alternative of sunlight. After a week make a small pond for them and make a basking area. they need sunlight after feed ( keep clean small pond and use fresh water.

How to Feed

They feed only in the water, if you try to feed them in dry place they cannot eat. you can feed them in aquarium and out side of aquarium. if feed them outside of aquarium it’s help to clean aquarium.
when they are small the feed veg and nonveg both. the eat turtle food, carrot, live shrimp, dry shrimp, blood worms, chicken etc.

EYE Problem

They have close eye problem, when their eyes are close and they not eat it’s a big problem, then keep in dry place (24-28c) and use eye drop 4 times a day.

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